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last updated Dec 2019
Hi, I am Vineet

an architect turned interaction designer, currently working with Schlumberger as a UX Designer. I'm an immersive technology enthusiast and have been extensively working in the domain of AR/VR/MR from past 3 years. I'm interested in designing systems augmenting human intelligence and capabilities by utilizing the power of immersive technologies and sensor networks.

My recent projects include a mixed reality collaborative system and interaction paradigms for collaborative working in immersive environments, also design of interaction based on full body gestures full climbing a ladder in virtual reality.

Currently I'm working on a few projects in collaboration with renowned artists for deploying AR & VR experiences which are to be showcased in an art exhibition in India. Other current projects include use of large point-cloud data in virtual reality for sense of presence in real environment.

Work Experience
  • UX Designer, Schlumberger, San Francisco Bay Area, USA | 2019
  • UX Designer, Schlumberger, India | 2018
  • UX Research Intern, Siemens R&D India | 2017
  • Teaching Assistant, IIT Bombay | 2016
  • Interaction Designer, Shipsy, India | 2016
  • UI/UX Designer, Zillion Dreams | 2015
  • Architectural Intern, MoFA Studios | 2013
  • Freelance Architect / Designer
  • M.Des - Interaction Design, IIT Bombay | 2016-18
  • B.Arch - DCRUST, Murthal | 2010-15
  • Vertical Locomotion in VR Using Full Body Gestures

    VRST '19 25th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

    Authors: Vineet Kamboj, Tuhin Bhuyan, and Jayesh S. Pillai.

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Talks and Panels
  • Virtual Collaboration & Meetings - Enterprise XR Applications

    Augmented Enterprise Summit 2022

    Panel: Vineet Kamboj, Mark Sage, Elliot Drake, Nicholas Castillo, Dane Laughlin and Miranda Palmisano.

  • Method and system for managing a technical installation

    Issued Oct 16, 2019 | Patent issuer and number - eu EP20180166571 20180410

    Inventors: Vineet Kamboj, Siddharth Mehrotra, and Prithvi Raj.

  • Future is Here, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai | 2019
  • Nature Embeded, NGMA, Mumbai | 2018
  • Antidote to Apathy - Interact Mumbai | 2017
  • Hackathon Winner, <I_HACK> 2017, IIT Bombay
  • Best Installation Award, India HCI 2016
Want to collaborate ?

Send me an e-mail over at hello@vineetkamboj.com


last updated Dec 2019